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Social Media Marketing – Be “in the know”

What I don’t want to do is bore you with stats however we all know that statistics and analytics are the foundation, otherwise how would we know WHO to target, WHEN to target and HOW to target our marketing. Here are some of the headlines:

Facebook has over 2 BILLION monthly users. If it was a country it would be the biggest in the world. That right, more populated than China.
Instagram has over 1 BILLION
Linked In has 600 MILLION
Are you utilising this enormous digital market????

In this, the digital era, if you don’t have a presence on there then you are missing out of sales, business growth, website traffic and inevitably a greater return of investment. What I will say say is that at we at Bombshell are not selling something we don’t strongly believe in ourselves. We heavily use Social Media to engage, promote, interact, sell and clearly in these very difficult times – SUPPORT. We cannot stress enough how important it is to be seen on Social Media. Remember every daily “scroller” is one potential digital customer. If you wouldn’t set up shop in a quiet street with no foot fall, why would you not be visible online.

All too often customers are first searching on Facebook for your company. After generally liking what they see they will head over to google and search for your companies website. That leads me on to SEO……but I’ll help you with that on another blog. If they don’t like what they see, trust me they will switch off.

So what are the top tips in order to be at the top of your Social Media Game:

1 – Know your Audience
Who currently follows you. Keep hold of them. What do they want. What do they like

2 – Grow your Audience
Increase your digital presence. They more you have, the more they share and like posts. The faster rate of growth you will have

3 – Be fresh, be current, be new, be different
Don’t be the sheep. Be creative

4 – Don’t over post.
You really don’t want to bore your customer base

5 – Create the right hashtags
Are you linking in to the right trends and taking advantage of current topics.

6 – Design is key
Your post needs to look good. Humans are very visual. Your initial post needs to make want people to delve more into it. If it is too wordy, you run the risk of the viewer scrolling right past it to your competitor

7- Analysis
How have your posts been received, when did you get the most likes and shares etc. Are you posting at the right time.

8 – Paid Ad’s
These work. Use them, but do so well, targeted and not haphazardly.

We are not all experts at Social Media. Thankfully at Bombshell we have been working very hard over the last 5 years with our own Social Media Presence. We manage many companies Social Media for them, as whilst the above seems simple, people don’t always have the time or are unable to give it the attention it deserves. We can manage yours and have a number of packages that people can choose. As well as these, we can also create a bespoke package. We work with all sizes of business in many sectors. We are not experts in your industry, but we are in ours.

Don’t miss the boat on this one. I did initially but now I utilise it to it’s full potential.

Contact us if you want to chat more about it.
Stacey Nottingham – Managing Director
April 2020

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